Hey Darrick here,

Today on WoW Macro Guide we will be going over how to make different kind of World of Warcraft Macros. This will go from the very basic slowing adding more and more WoW Macro commands.

Note: I’ve been getting tons of emails asking me for specific class Macros. If you need help Click Here for a Program with Pre-Made Keybindings and Macros


Basic Spell Macro

/cast Fireball

This obviously is the most basic form of a WoW Macro. It’s not worth it at this point since it does the same thing your regular spell would do.


Trinket/Spell Macro

/use 13
/cast Fireball

You will find a lot of people just want to stick to using this type of Macro. You can use /13 for your top trinket and /14 for your bottom one. If you have two Dps trinkets you can add both to this type of Macro.


Modifier Macro

[modifier:shift] Pyroblast; Fireball

This is the one I use the most. If you hold down Shift you will cast Pyroblast, but if you don’t and just click it normally you will cast Fireball.


Castrandom Macro

/castrandom Purple Skeletal Warhorse,
Green Skeletal Warhorse,
Ochre Skeletal Warhorse

This is just a basic castrandom Macro. It will cast all your Mounts randomly. Of course you can add any mount you have to it, as long as it is non-flying. In the near future I will put up some more complicated ones for flying and no flying


If your not finding the Macros your looking for or need help with your Keybindings, then check out the program I use called Iwinbuttons. They will give you every class keybinding configuration and tons of 4.3 Macros.

Click Here for Iwinbuttons Keybinding and Macro Program

Hey Darrick here,

Like I promised this will be a complete WoW Macro Guide. This will be a complete guide so you can come back here for future reference.

• After you log-in you can hit  /Macro or just open up your Main Menu and click the Macro Window.

• Next you will see YourName Macros, and General Macros. The tab marked General is for every character you have, and the tab marked Youname  is if you want it for a certain character. So if you’re making a certain World of Warcraft Macro your going to click the Yourname tab.

• After you click those you should see a big grid of boxes, and under the boxes is a single box which shows your currently selected Macro. Below that is the edit box which you will use to select the actually Macro.

• Now we actually start making your Macro for WoW. First click the new tab. That will bring up a new window where you can choose whatever icon you want and put a name for it.

Note: if you hit the ? it will automatically pick the spell name icon.

• Next you will notice you can start typing in the box grid.

• Lastly in this WoW guide for Macros you just drag it out then place it on your action bar.

If you don’t know anything about script I will got over that in another post on WoW Macro Guide. There are tons of different variations you can make for different spells to. Just to give you some ideals here are a few good ones to try out Rotation Macro Guide, Class Spell Macro Guide, Trinket Macro Guide, and even some really useful Pvp Macro Guides.

Like I said before those are just a few there are tons of different ones. In the next couple of days I will post some of the ones I like the most so everyone can start using them right away.

Hey Darrick here,

I would like to thank everyone for checking out WoW Macro Guide! If you can’t tell by the websites name I absolutely love using World of Warcraft Macros, so I asked myself. Why not make a site around Macros for WoW?

For those not familiar with what a Macro is, I will give all of you a very quick analysis on what it is. Most of the time when you need to a spell followed by another you will just set them up by using multiple keybindings for each spell. That is not only going to take up a lot of action bar space, but it will take you a lot time. The better way you can do this is by making a small script called a “Macro”, so lets say you have a Draenei with Gift of the Naaru racial and you want to use it before you use a bandage. All you have to do is make a Macro that will do both at once.


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